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Genealogical data about the immigrant Dirksens in Dakota territory (1876-1889) and North Dakota (1889-1927) is archived within the Brothersfield Tree at

The website was active for about 10 years after 2001. During that time GRANDMA placed references to in the "notes" field of some individuals attached to the Dakota Dirksens family tree. After moving all the Dakota Dirksens data to the old web site, and the domain, were abandoned which killed the GRANDMA links. Having now recovered the domain the GRANDMA links can also be restored.

GRANDMA data is sourced reliably and considered to be the most certain. Ancestry data includes data based on probable and circumstantial evidence. Progenitor Kornelius Dircks' ancestors were among the many Dutch Mennonites who, from the 16th to the 18th centuries, migrated from Holland to the Prussian Vistula River Delta.

Individual GRANDMA page Ancestry page
Kornelius Dircks (about 1740-1800 Prussia) GRANDMA Ancestry
David Dircks (probable son of Kornelius, 1761-1818 Prussia) GRANDMA Ancestry
Future DNA results may yet provide evidence, beyond circumstance, that David was a son of Kornelius.
Johann Dircks (son of Kornelius, 1766-1855 Prussia to Russia) GRANDMA Ancestry
Johann (Oel Ohm) Duerksen (son of Johann, 1801-1870 Russia) GRANDMA Ancestry
Johann's children all went to Kansas where they spelled their name Duerksen
Heinrich Duerksen (son of Oel Ohm, 1809-1872 Russia) GRANDMA Ancestry
Heinrich's children all went to Dakota Territory where they spelled their name Dirksen